Jim Aarons, DVM

Dr. Jim Aarons has been serving animals since graduating from veterinary school in 1982.

Now, he serves us (humans) with his awe-inspiring stories in the form of his must-read works of literature.  

Meet the Author

Jim Aarons and pit bull

Dr. Aarons has not, by any standard, had a typical career. After graduating from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1982, his work has taken him around the world --- from ostrich farms to zoos and many places between. 

At his practice in Paso Robles, CA, Dr. Aarons treats a large spectrum of animals, from rabbits to horses to ostriches (the star species of his book, Cocaine Eggs).  

Dr. Jim Aarons has a unique view of the world, having spent a lifetime doctoring animals. Since graduating in 1982, from California's UC Davis school of Veterinary Medicine, he has been responsible for the physical and mental soundness of a vast variety of critters, as well as their human friends.

In recent years, Dr. Jim has brought his memories to pen. He is sharing his love of a life that has brought him a variety of experiences from zoos and ostrich hatcheries to horse stud farms, cattle round-ups, cow dairies, and companion animal medicine. With his unique and up front writing style, he has crafted fictional stories that are not just your garden variety of “veterinary tales.” His books include his first attempt, “Fear of Failure” an autobiography, followed by the ten book epic trilogy The Katie Reynolds Series.

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